About Us

Our History

Scentsationz By Renee, LLC is founded and operated by mother-daughter duo, Cantrece and Makailah out of Warner Robins, GA. Not only does the duo share the name, Renee, the two share a love for God, each other and so many others around them.

Started in the midst of a pandemic, and year-long quarantine, stress, fear, anxiety seem(ed) to be at an ultimate high. On top of that, boredom struck, what seemed like everyone, during such prolonged times in the house. A hobby was needed. Something to build the bond between this mother and daughter. A project with the intention to increase serenity during times of heightened anxiety. That project later evolved into Scentsationz By Renee, LLC, formerly doing business as SeReneEssentials.


Why beeswax?

Beeswax is a natural wax produced by honey bees. When mixed with natural oils, such as our coconut oil blend, a sweet aromatic, long, smooth burning, and eco-friendly candle is produced. 

Our Mission

Our business is founded upon the intentions of inviting serene aromas into living spaces through healthy, ecos-friendly home fragrance alternatives. 

Our candles are curated and poured by hand from a base mixture of all-natural beeswax and coconut oil for a clean, eco-friendly burning experience. Each of our products are infused with all natural and phthalate-free essential oils and fragrance oils blended to nourish your senses and embody serene living spaces.

Our Mission Statement: 

           “Embodying serene living spaces through healthy home fragrance alternatives.”